• What is Mysmartgreenhouse.org?

We enable you to print your own greenhouse with 3d-print. We offer you many parts and types of greenhouses. You are free to create it in size, shape, material and even colors

  • How does it work?

We serve details and a short description movie how it works at our start page

  • What is the advantage of Mysmartgreenhouse.org?

There are no delivery costs and time. You can print your parts many times you want and so there is the possibility for numerous green houses

  • Are there any other advantages?

Yes, our greenhouses are mostly designed for double-sided walls to save energy

  • Is there any support?

Yes and there we have also any support for 3d-print at our site „3d-print support“

  • I hestitate to buy because I am not sure regarding the quality?

No problem. We offer you to download for free a part in stl-format to make a test print I am interested to buy.

  • How can I do that?

Our Online-shop is created together with Selz, a very reliable provider.

The process is very simple.

1. ) Go to our Online-shop

2.) Choose the product

3.) Pay with credit cards Master or Visa

4.) Immediately the link for download of the product is available

  • How can I fix the foil with the components of the greenhouse?

In every package there is a small part to fix the foil. Just press it into the wholes

  • I want to create my greenhouse with the profiles of aluminium whitch dimensions of the cross section do i need?

The dimensions of the profiles 20mm x20mm x1.5mm That means outer x=20 y=20 and material thickness t=1.5 mm


  • What about the dimensions of the greenhouses?

The connectors have about 40 to 70mm in length and higth. The size of the greenhouses can be determined individual by change of the length of the profiles


  • Do you have any recommend 3d printing settings for CURA?

It depends on the individual requirements and the printer.


  • How can I unpack zipped files?

Before you can unzip the files but first you have to download and install a program for unzip and zip. We recommend you the program 7zip.

Free download 7Zip
  • Do i need any tools to assemble the greenhouse?

No it is very easy to assemble the greenhouse without any tools


  • What kind of material you recommend?

We recommend PLA because has the neccesary strength and resistance to UV-radiation.


  • What else materials can be used?

ABS, PE and others, depened on the 3d printer


  • Is there anything important to know about the material?

Very important is not to use a dark color like black or dark blue when the greenhouse is direct in the sun because the temperature can heat up and deform the material. No problems occur with white color

  • What is the maximum size of the greenhouse?

We revommend the maximum length of the aluminium bar 1-2m


  • Is there anything important to take care about 3d-printing?

Yes, we recommend you to visit our menu point „3d-print“

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